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Metab Eng. 2007 Mar;9(2):177-92. Determining Actinobacillus succinogenes metabolic pathways and fluxes by NMR and GC-MS analyses of 13C-labeled metabolic product isotopomers. McKinlay JB, Shachar-Hill Y, Zeikus JG, et al.

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ATP production rate Maximum N/A -R01786-R04779+2.5*R01061+R01512+R00200+2.5*R00209
ATP production rate Minium N/A -R01786-R04779+2.5*R01061+R01512+R00200+2.5*R00209
NADPH production rate Maximum N/A R02736+R01528+R00267+R00214
NADPH production rate Minium 10.24 R02736+R01528
Growth Condition
Strains Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z (ATCC 55618)
Genotype Wild type.
Culture medium AM3 medium is a chemically defined medium containing Cys, Met, and Glu, which are required for A.Succinogenes growth.
Carbon source Glucose
Growth rate 0.28/h
Case-specific description Anoxic AM3 contained 150 mM NaHCO3 and 50 mM glucose.
Specific Rate (mmol g-1 h-1)
Glucose 7.9
Succinate 5.8
Formate 3.5
Acetate 4.4
Fumarate 0.2
Ethanol 1.2