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J Biosci Bioeng. 2011 Dec;112(6):616-23. Metabolite channeling and compartmentation in the human cell line AGE1.HN determined by 13C labeling experiments and 13C metabolic flux analysis. Niklas J, Sandig V, Heinzle E.

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ATP production rate Maximum N/A -R01786-R04779+2.5*R01061+R01512+R00200+2.5*R00209
ATP production rate Minium N/A -R01786-R04779+2.5*R01061+R01512+R00200+2.5*R00209
NADPH production rate Maximum 62.2 R02736+R01528+R00267+R00214
NADPH production rate Minium 6.2 R02736+R01528
Growth Condition
Strains AGE1.HN
Genotype The cell line AGE1.HN was developed from primary cells from a human brain tissue sample which were immortalized with an expression plasmid containing the adenoviral E1 A and B genes of human adenovirus type 5 driven by the human pGK and the endogenous E1B promoter, respectively.
Culture medium The applied tracers were [1,2–13C] glucose (99%), [U–13C] glucose (99%), [U–13C] glutamine(99%), [U–13C3] alanine (98%) and [1–13C] lactate (20% W/W in water). The glucose and glutamine tracer experiments were carried out as follows. The cells were cultured in baffled shake flasks at 37 Celsius on a shaker enclosed in a 5% CO2 supplied, humidified (80%) incubator.
Carbon source D-Glucose
Growth rate
Case-specific description Metabolic flux map for AGE1.HN during the first 3 days of batch cultivation.
Specific Rate (mmol g-1 h-1)
Glucose -0.145
Lactate 0.337
Pyruvate -0.037